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A French prepaid SIM card to save big on your calls!

A French prepaid SIM card to save big time on your calls!

English speakers are used to having limited options available for staying in touch with relatives when in France. At the moment you often have to face one of two scenarios:
  • Keeping your actual mobile and having the surprise of a huge bill at the end of your holidays or,
  • Buying a French prepaid SIM card with which you do not understand anything because it is all in French and the calls are still expensive.
That has now changed as the mobile operator Transatel has launched a service called LeFrenchMobile. This French prepaid SIM card is entirely in English and dedicated to English people coming to France for a short stay, enabling them to benefit from the best tariffs:
  • Call UK, all Europe, USA, Canada & Asia at local rates
  • Call other LeFrenchMobile users at -50%
LeFrenchMobile prepaid SIM card is offering you to call at the lowest rates no matter your destination:

Besides attractive tariffs on national and international calls, LeFrenchMobile offers loads of other advantages for English speakers in France:
  • Free incoming calls in France
  • Free voicemail
  • All services in English
  • Prepaid à no contract / no commitment
  • Network covering 99% of France
  • Worldwide roaming capabilities
  • Free incoming text messages all over the world
  • Free voicemail
  • Buy your SIM directly online – Free EU delivery
  • Reload online
  • Refer your friend and get free airtime credit
  • Ready to use, no activation procedure
  • Works with any unlocked phone
Choose either a SIM only, a mobile pack or a 3G dongle (low data rates) to stay connected while in France!

Moving-to-Montpellier readers get a €5 voucher by using this code: MONT11. Buy your LeFrenchMobile SIM card now at LeFrenchMobile.

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LeFrenchMobile said...


Guess what? LeFrenchMobile went Europe! Now it's the same rate to make national calls, international calls to many countries, roaming calls within the European Union!
Also new: data bundles are available for all european countries! :)

Take care