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English classes for children in Montpellier

Hello there,

Just a quick message to let you know that Outbound has got past the madness of ‘la rentrée’ and once again, our usual activities are now up and running.

Club & Discovery
The Outbound Classes for bilingual children started up again on the 17th September at the Maison Pour Tous - Mélina Mercouri. We have on average 2 workshops a month on Saturday mornings :
·         9h30-11h : Club 1 (6-8 years) taught by Rosie BEVIS
·         9h30-11h : Club 2 (8-11 years) and 11h-12h30 : Discovery (12-16 years) taught by Christine STROUD  

Due to many requests from bilingual families with younger children, we’ve also opened a new class this year on Saturday mornings : 11-12h : Mini-club (5-6 years) run by Paula GRECH.
Paula uses her skills and experience as a trained dance therapist to bring a creative approach to developing self expression with this younger age group. Paula is also a former member of PIG so we’re pleased to have bridged a gap between the activities offered for this age group.

Despite some major changes this year at the Maison Pour Tous Mélina Mercouri (no longer a centre aéré, so fewer children), we’ve nevertheless been able to open 2 classes on Wednesday mornings for French speaking children, run again this year by Chris BUTLER :
-       9-10h (GS/CP/CE1)
-       10-11h (CE2, CM1,CM2)

The Parent-Infant group “PIG” for Anglophone parents and small children, coordinated by Lulu Laporte, has already picked up again. Lulu has some much needed help this year from fellow PIG members Fiona & Emer. Check out the Pig blogwww.piglanguedoc.blogspot.com to know when and where they meet next.

Family membership
Please remember even if your children are now too old or simply aren’t attending OUTBOUND classes this year, your family membership (25€) helps tremendously in supporting our actions (promotion of bilingual education and the new International Sections in Montpellier schools).
As a member, you’ll also receive our newsletters and be invited to join in our annual events (hikes, picnics, Christmas & Halloween parties, pub evenings, book sales…).
If you haven’t already joined and would like to, just complete and return to the treasurer the attached membership form.

Many thanks for your continued support!


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