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English schooling in Montpellier

Come over to Kids & Montpellier for full info on everything for English speaking children in the Montpellier area - but a taster is here: 

Children's extra curriculum English courses and activities

enjoy english  http://www.enjoy-english.fr/
outbound         http://www.ieam.info/

Schools  ( fee paying) 
Ecole antonia    http://www.ecoleantonia-montpellier.com/  Maternelle
Montessori     http://asso.montessori.free.fr/  Maternelle
Eridan    http://www.ecole-eridan.com/ Maternelle- Secondary school
Baillargues  http://www.ecole-privee-bilingue.fr/                  Maternelle- Secondary school

 Schools(Non fee paying)

École Sibelius-Pottier        Primary school 6-10
College Camille Claudel              Secondary school 11-16
Lycee Jules Guesde      http://www.julesguesde.fr/               Secondary school 15-17
Year of BirthEnglishAmericanFrench
Kindergarten2009  Nursery School
2008  Petite section
2007  Moyenne section
2006Year 1KindergartenGrande section
Primaire (Primary School)2005Year 21st gradeCours préparatoire
2004Year 32nd gradeCours élémentaire 1ère année
2003Year 43rd gradeCours élémentaire 2année
2002Year 54th gradeCours moyen 1ère année
2001Year 65th gradeCours moyen 2ème année
Collège (Middle School)2000Year 76th grade6ème
1999Year 87th grade5ème
1998Year 98th grade4ème
1997Year 109th grade3ème
Lycée (Secondary School)1996Year 1110th gradeSeconde
1995Year 1211th gradePremière
1994Year 1312th gradeTerminale
Recommended language schools

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Ecole maternelle privée NINOS'COOL said...

And ninos'cool at www.ninoscool.com for children between 2 and 7 years, with IBS Aix en Provence...