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FAQ Moving to Montpellier - Schools & Rental - proof of residency

We're going to share with you our typical questions & answers from time to time...

I live in the US and will be moving to Montpellier in January 2013. My eight year old daughter will be coming along and my husband will join us later in the year. I will need to register my daughter for school and I understand that I need a proof of residency, namely an EDF bill. I was planning on renting a furnished apartment for six months (from sabbaticalhomes.com) and I’m not sure when I will get a utility bill from the date a move in. Will I have to wait a month to register my daughter for school or can I use some other proof of residency like the lease agreement?

Also my daughter speaks almost no French, do you know of any schools that teach French to English speaking children?

I also understand that schools end at 16:30 and there are “garderies” from 16:30 to about 18:00. Is the garderie option offered by all public elementary schools and what are the usual fees?


Yes you are correct in needing a proof of address to enrol your daughter in school.
You are right to rent a furnished apartment first , six months is good until the end of the school year. Is this a permanent move to France?
The rental contract will be proof enough for you to enrol in the school.
Often with furnished apartments and for stays of less than 12 months, the utility bills stay in the name of the landlord so it would be unlikely that you will be able to have a EDF account in your name.
I have helped several families with school enrolment and the rental contract has always been sufficient.
It is likely you will need your daughter's birth certificate/passport as well as your own passport.  The first step is to contact the town hall and not the school.

You may want to contact the school Sibellius Poittier which has an international class (CE2 level) which your daughter would be in. the curriculum is mainly in French but they have two hours of English per day and there are other English speaking children in the class whose level of French may not be excellent.
Your only other choice is one of the two international school, Baillargues or Eridan.

Yes garderies are available in all schools until 18.00/18.30, the fees are usually up to 1€ per hour. The cantine can cost anywhere between 3-6 euros depending on the school.

We do manage some of the flats listed on sabbatical homes so you may want to tell me which ones you are interested in.

We can help you will all aspects of a move to Montpellier, we charge an hourly rate.

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