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FAQ Tax, insurance and all that jazz #Montpellier #France

Is there someone you can recommend to answer some legal/tax questions for my husband?
He's going to be working remotely for a U.S. company so ideally someone who has experience with the U.S. structures as well as French.

We recommend this person.

Thanks so much Lulu, please let me know if you 'd likea testimonial to the effect of, "Lulu has helped us so much already and we aren't already in France yet!"


Questions and Responses:
You were referred to me by a few people as we embark on the process of moving to the Montpelier area from our home in Seattle.

We have a few questions at the moment, and I'm wondering if you could advise.

- We will both be working for US companies and telecommunity my husband is a UK citizen, but has never lived there, so we're going to have to buy our own health insurance. Are there any private insurers, either local or expat, that you recommend that are fairly affordable for a family of four?
>>>>>>Try Pelican Insurance http://www.pelican-consulting.com/services/specialist-services.php?id=13
Healthcare will be expensive, I pay 80€ per month just for the top up insurance so for you it could be as much as 200€ per month.

- We've been told that it's good to have birth and marriage certificates translated to French before we get there as well as kids medical records. Is this true in your opinion?
>>>>>Definitely a good idea and good to get done while in America, if you can find a certified French translator. Don't worry so much about medical records though. Schools won't be too fussed about having it translated
Also think about getting an International Driving Permit from the States too, you can drive with this for a year. Also proof on insurance cover back home, it may reduce payments for your car insurance here.

- We're planning on putting the kids into a local maternelle (they will be 3 and 5 in Janaury), is there anything we need to bring for them other than vaccination records and birth certificates?
>>>No but you do not a justificatif de domicile, i.e. proof of address, which you won't have until you find a place to rent. so a bit of a catch 22 situation. You will need to go to the town hall with the proof of address and identity papers, birth certificates. THe town hall will tell you where your children can go to school.
No point doing this in Capestang if you are not staying there.

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Anonymous said...

All questions I needed answers to! We are looking at moving to France in a couple of years and these were ALL primary questions I have been searching for today :0)