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FAQ private schooling and apartment search

Hi Wendy,  

I plan to bring my two girls to France next year to study for 1 semester starting in September 2013.  My youngest will be in CM1 and my eldest in 6ieme. They are currently in a French School in a French program, all teachers are hired from France.

I would like to be the area of Montpellier or a small town in the southeast with good weather in the fall.  The school is the most important aspect of the travel and a rich cultural environment.  We do not want a International School or a boarding school and also something not too large.

I have been advised to look for Roman Catholic schools where we would have to pay to secure a spot for the coming year.  Once we decide on a school we will also need help in finding an apartment within walking distance.

This seems like a lot to ask of you but so far I have had no luck with websites and information they offer.

We live in Vancouver, B.C. Canada and hope to follow our dreams next year!

Our reply:

Here is a list of the private schools in Montpellier

Below are three that have primaire and college on the same premises, we have close ties with a family that go to Sainte famille  (only since September) and they are happy with it, the teacher in CM1 is very approachable. 

I have heard good reports about the other two schools too. 

Most of the schools only have one class per year, unlike most state schools that might have two or three classes per year.
All are very central and within walking distance if you live in the centre of town.

You can start by emailing now, but most school do not take places as early as now, generally it is around March , and yes most ask for 100€ per child to reserve the place.

The weather is good here in Montpellier, just last week we had a week of 28 degrees.

We can help you with finding an apartment too, that you would want to do as early as you can do. 

1 comment:

Eleni said...

Just last August through to to Dec we rented out our lovely apartment, only a 5 min walk from the private Catholic School to a Canadian family, who did exactly what you are wanting to do. They enrolled their 2 children into the private school for the semester.

If you are interested, please feel free to get hold of Wendy who can view the apartment on your behalf or you can via Skype.