Property Search

Moving to a foreign country can pose many challenges for those unfamiliar with their adopted city and it's local culture. This may apply especially to those preoccupied with a new job or project.

It will be vital to find the right place to live that offers all the benefits that you and your family will need for the duration. One thinks of lifestyle, schools, commuting distance perhaps.

Whether you are looking for a family house, a temporary base or city pied-à-terre, Lulu can help you find the perfect property to rent, then guide you through the entire process. Her knowledge of the rental market and the legal obligations associated with tenancy agreements will be invaluable.

She will accompany you on all property visits and be able to advise on local amenities, transport links and schools applicable to the area of interest, whether it be in the city centre, suburb or a village.

Once a property has been chosen she can negotiate rental terms and costs (if applicable) on your behalf. She will explain the conditions of the lease and will accompany you to the signing of the contract and handover.

The assistance you are offered however does not end there.  For example, Lulu and Francis can work together to help you find domestic staff, or tradesmen for home maintenance. Or if you wished to sign up to local clubs for recreational activities such as sport, hobbies or culture, they can help with that too.

Their mission is to ensure you and your family acclimatise to your new life in France as quickly and happily as possible.

Helping You With School Searches

As parents ourselves, we understand one of the most important things to consider for you is choosing the the right school for your children.

This can be the key factor in deciding on the location of your new home.

For the children of families moving to Montpellier, it is not unusual that they speak little or no French. Understandably, parents and children are worried about how they will cope on a day to day basis - will they make friends and feel that they’re integrating into daily life? And will they be able to maintain their grades?

Having been through the exact same process, we understand and sympathise with these worries. Lulu can give you first hand information on schooling in the city whether it’s in bi-lingual, French private or state school facilities.

Lulu can also help verify availability within the relevant type of school you prefer and can accompany you to school interviews and assist with the enrolment procedure.

Once a place has been guaranteed for your child/children, we can be there to help you understand the daily French school routine by setting up accounts with the school (perhaps with the canteen or after-school clubs) and help you ensure your children have the correct equipment.