We offer a variety of fixed rate packages that cover our services.
We can also work on an hourly rate should you require a more flexible and tailored service.

For more detailed information and an individual quotation, please contact us.

Here is a breakdown of the packages we offer:
  • Familiarisation with the region ( 1/2 day).
  • Rental property search.
  • Temporary property search (1 year rentals).
  • Accompaniment with Inventory/inspection report meetings.
  • Utility accounts.
  • Opening a local bank account.
  • Schooling / creche placements for your children.
  • Purchasing a vehicle, car registration Public transport subscriptions.
  • Carte de Sejour applications /renewal & French nationality applications.
  • Applying for a Carte Vitale, purchasing top up private healthcare or finding healthcare specialists.

All additional services will be charged @ 36€ an hour, a pro rata amount will be charged for anything that takes less than an hour (20 minutes) minimum.

This listing is not exhaustive, please contact us at for a customised quote.

Photo by Katie Harp on Unsplash