We highly recommend using Lulu @ Moving to Montpellier. She gave invaluable advice to help us settle into French life including; schooling, healthcare and changing number plates of our British car.

She has also managed our investment property and represented us at meetings we’ve been unable to attend from the UK.

Meeting Lulu LaPorte and having her help my wife and I find a place in Montpelier was absolutely the most important thing we did as we were moving to France.

Lulu took the time to get to understand what kind of rental we were looking for, and then delivered the dreamiest, most amazing place - for a great price. She went above and beyond each and every step of the way, from helping us secure the place to managing the unit while we lived in it.

As a foreigner who doesn't know the language, moving to France is not an easy task. If you are planning a move to the Montpellier area, I 100% recommend you get in touch with Lulu...we are so glad we did!

Moving to Montpellier - THANK YOU!
I never could have moved to France without Lulu and Fran! From my first email Lulu responded with a plan and all the information I would never have known I needed but that was absolutely essential to my successful and easy transition. They helped me buy a car, set up banking, utilities, meet friends ... and they became good friends! And when a challenge arose - because they always do when situating in a new life - they were right there to help me resolve it. I am eternally grateful to them, and highly recommend if you are thinking about moving to the region - or have moved and still haven't gotten the kinks worked out - contact them. They are a treasure!

Lulu, is a star. Supported me with the move to France and navigating around French administration and finding a lovely appartement in Montpellier.

Testimonial for Relocation Services
In 2010, Lulu was recommended to help us relocate from Australia to France. It was reassuring having a reliable contact while we were so far from France to begin our search in finding somewhere to live and schools for the children. The search was made more complicated by the fact that both my husband and I were freelance, independent workers without a French employer or salary, but Lulu's practical help, language skills and knowledge of the system and checks in operation in France were invaluable in finding a satisfactory outcome for us. Once established in France, Lulu's help has been vital in obtaining our cartes vitales and cartes de sejour, as well as liaising with essential local organisations such as CAF, URSSAF and tax authorities. I cannot recommend Lulu highly enough in taking the stress away if moving to Montpellier. She is highly efficient and her fees are very reasonable.

Testimonial for Consultancy Services for Nationality Dossiers
As long-term French residents of British origin, my family and I were very keen to acquire French (joint) nationality following the UK's Brexit decision. The naturalisation process, however, is a daunting one and fulfilling the demands of the French authorities and compiling an effective naturalisation dossier is a huge challenge. I can honestly say that I wouldn't have done it without Lulu: the complications would have dissuaded me. But Lulu's calm application, tenacity, and knowledge of what the authorities require helped keep me going throughout the process, and we have now submitted our dossier and are waiting for a response. (I showed our dossier to a lawyer before sending it off and she was complimentary about its quality.)

What a world of difference Lulu and Francis have made to my long stay in Montpellier. As someone with a major illness, my needs go beyond the usual relocation challenges. Lulu and Francis have not only helped me locate such things as housing and shopping resources, but also with finding healthcare and helping me move my flotilla of luggage around. Their knowledge of Montpellier and relocations needs, combined with their quick response time, has saved me so much work and stress. Several years ago when I began living part-time in Paris, I faced all of these challenges alone. How I wish that I could have had such capable assistance there. I consider hiring Moving to Montpellier to be money well spent.

"We have been incredibly impressed by Moving to Montpellier and Montpellier holiday home services since we started using their services since 2010 to let out our apartment. The team are consistently professional, friendly and helpful. Frankly, I am not sure what we would have done without them."
Bernie and Charlie

"I'm a French expat in England and I couldn't do without Francis, Lulu & Wendy help. They looked after my flat in Montpellier from A to Z, including marketing for rental, dealing with the tenants and all the issues related to renting a furnished flat on short / medium periods. Leaving me with complete peace of mind. »

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